Focus and You Shall Succeed… Summer I Shall Return.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash
I’ve been trying to do too much lately. It’s tough to start a blog, put it on social media and other public outlets, and think of myself as worthy enough to continue this hobby in the public light that I’ve been doing lately. I wanted this to be easy and simply me sharing my heart and creativity, but in all honesty, it hasn’t been that easy for me ever since I started my blog website and have been posting my articles to social media, etc.
Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and creating! What’s hard is starting my blog’s Facebook page and only having 14 people (Thank you so much to my 14 followers!!) like my page. 14 likes, and I have over 175 Facebook friends… I personally invited every one of my friends but 14 is what I get so far! I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about this, but I do. Asking my social media friends and family, who I like to think are some of my biggest fans in life, only to get 14 people after personally inviting seems like a smooth kick in the behind! It really does. Makes me wonder who is honestly caring? Or perhaps it’s because I have the word “beautiful” in my blog title and hence that keeps some people away because maybe it’s too flouncy and bouncy!?!? Boy, the mind can surely go everywhere, can’t it? 🙂
And that’s just it… my mind literally has gone everywhere. 🙂 It’s time to focus. Right now, I have a personal goal that I’m working on that is a mountain of a goal (I’m sorry, I cannot share what that goal is.). I need focus. I need clarity. And I need the discipline to reach this goal.
I’ve given a lot of thought, and what I would like to do for the time being while I work on my goal is to let my blog have a break. I already have as I haven’t posted since the new year, but I wanted to officially share my plans. I will be back with more articles this Summer. I may write on my own, non-publically during my hiatus, and then share these pieces with you in the Summer. We will see!
Thank you for all of your support again. Good luck to all of you in your goals as well. Focus and you shall succeed.

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