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Monthly Grant Consulting Service Subscription

Subscribe for our monthly grant consulting service at this link. 🤓

The first 63 days are FREE (Equivalent to just over two months of billings/2 hours of grant consulting) to try out our service! 😮

After your first 63 days, you will be charged $30 a month for 1 hour a month of grant consulting.

Note: You must use the hour each month or you will lose it; we don’t rollover unused time.

You will be automatically charged each month to the debit or credit card you entered upon subscription (you can go into your portal to update the card you want charged, however.)

If you would like to stop the consulting for any reason, you can go into your portal with your email/password and stop the subscription.

You will be sent an email by Aleesa after you subscribe (within two business days) with details on scheduling the consulting either in-person and/or remotely. (Note: Additional charges for Aleesa’s travel arrangements may be necessary if you want in-person consulting. She is willing to do in-person consulting for clients without additional charges depending on the distance she would have to travel.)

If you wish, you can sign-up for an appointment via Aleesa’s appointment calendar at this link. Aleesa will contact you regardless after subscription to confirm and give you details.

Note our unique hours available: Monday-Thursday 6 pm-8 pm, Fridays 3:30 pm-8 pm, & on the weekends. This is due to Aleesa being a full-time working professional. Work is handled with timeliness and the best of quality even though she is working non-standard hours. Should you need a time during normal business hours, the time from 3:30 pm-5 pm on Fridays are best for this.

Please contact us with any questions.

Please kindly spread the word for us if you feel comfortable and can! 🤓😊


The Mini-Guide & Toolkit to Getting Started with Blogging

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Learn the basics of getting started with blogging, and have a toolkit at your fingertips as you begin or expand your knowledge with blogging. You will get a PDF download upon purchase. 

Our Best Blog Posts e-Book (From the Start through July 2019)

Click this link to learn more & buy now for $1.49

This e-book is a collection of Life Has Beautiful Learning Blog’s best blog posts from the start through July 2019. You will get a PDF download upon purchase. 

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